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Gallery Inspirations

Below is a glimpse into the SPARK THAT IGNITES THE INSPIRATION for each of my galleries.

Monsters Gallery

Pink Party.jpg

Monsters are a large part of my creative process. They are perfectly imperfect. I love monsters because they can be made of anything. Monsters have been misunderstood, sometimes being seen as completely evil or needing to be eliminated. Really monsters remind us that we are all imperfect and that we can be generous when grappling with our faults. The monsters are figments of my imagination put into physical form. A lot of times monsters help me work through things with which I am struggling. If I’m challenged by a relationship or feeling down, the monsters help remind me that there’s always hope and things are always changing. The pieces are produced in different ways: 

-Eco-Printed: The eco-printed monsters come from a printing process, whereby leaves are printed on material using metals and heat. After the print is set and washed, I stretch it onto a canvas so that I can work into the leaves to find Monsters throughout the piece. I love how these monsters talk to me about community and how we interact with one another.

-Digital: There are digitally made monsters that are about simpler ideas. In the past, they have been put onto mugs, bags and stickers for friends. They are a happy snippet. If you would like a monster on a product let me know.   

-Large Scale: I have made the more detailed, larger monsters using brush pens, acrylic and watercolor. They are usually about one moment between a group of monsters, exploring personalities and events.  

Landscapes Gallery

The landscape pieces are created from places I have hiked. Nature always heals. When I go for a hike or sit on a beach I’m reminded that we are all interconnected and beauty is always around if you just take a minute to look. 

I often use brush pens, as they are portable and easy to use wherever I am. The Pentel company makes a beautiful black brush pen that allows me to get a varied line; thin all the way to very thick. I sometimes work on top of the brush pen with watercolor, acrylic or charcoal. 

Custom Landscapes: To commission a custom landscape piece please visit the Commissions page. 

Abstracts Gallery

Whirligig Gears.jpg

The abstracts hold a special place in my heart. They started coming to me during a challenging time in my life. Now they appear to me when I meditate. Like the monsters, they help me work through and celebrate experiences, and like the monsters they teach me how to go into flow.

I’ve been experimenting with combining very detailed, skill-based processes with a more stream of consciousness tact. It’s an exciting adventure because I know I have a ways to go, but along the way I’m enjoying the new things I learn.   

Wildlife Gallery

Whirligig Gears.jpg

The wildlife drawings started after I saw the animals the local wildlife rehabilitation center was caring for and was inspired to draw them. I especially like painting the puzzle pieces of the owl’s patterned feathers. I got permission from the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, ME to draw more of their animals, and when I started selling them, I decided to give half of the proceeds to them to aid in their good work. 

It feels so amazing to have a win-win-win situation; I love drawing them, the center benefits, and the purchaser enjoys them. People have excitedly shared with me 

how they have framed the pieces and where they’ve hung them in their house. It’s nice to use a skill to help wildlife and make people happy.  

Custom Animal/Pet Portraits: To commission a custom animal or pet portrait please visit the Commissions page. 

Flowers Gallery

Sun Lily.jpg

I love flowers. Flowers and trees remind me to slow down, put my hands to earth and celebrate the earth laughing. They sing of interconnectedness. Many beings have a love affair with flowers and plants, from pollinators to bears, and I am no different. 

The colors of flowers are only the start; textures, postures, movement all enter into my love of flowers and plants. They have an ancient wisdom that is delivered with whimsy and light.  Life is beautiful.

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