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Rhonda Miller

Art and Empathy

I have always been an art lover. My mother likes to tell a story about one of my earliest expressions of this love. She says that when I was a toddler, while trying to leave the Louvre, I would cry and reach out towards the art every time they moved to go, and that I would stop if they moved back towards the museum. As an adult, I tap into the joy of creating everyday, knowing it makes me a kinder, more empathetic human. 

photo of mixed media artist Rhonda Miller

About the Artist and the Why of the Work 

Rhonda Miller creates with mixed media and has developed and collaborated on numerous exhibits, as well as shown solo, around New England over the past 30+ years. According to Rhonda “we live in a gorgeous natural landscape. There are wonders everywhere we look”. Her work is an homage to the environment around us.

The fauna and flora of our region is a constant source of inspiration for her. Rhonda’s inspired by the elements that sing together; rocks, trees and water. Her pieces are created using various media - the palette and techniques are expansive and encourage her to PLAY. Both the subjects and Rhonda’s way of working embody movement and growth.

The landscapes are a place where she can marry the media with the scene, and the results are always a bit surprising. Experimenting keeps Rhonda interested and encourages her to stay focused on the process. The monster and abstract pieces are a playful release - they show up and she invites them to land on the paper. 


When not out hiking and observing, you can find Rhonda in her studio in South Berwick, Maine. Her husband and dog Lucy quietly encourage the process of sinking into the work. On hikes her husband often points out mushrooms or plants he knows she will appreciate. Lucy lays next to her in the studio, reminding her to take it slow and steady.

What Collectors are Saying...

 "Rhonda's work brings spirit to the surface of my conscious mind. When I look at the pieces in my home I smile, laugh, and wonder - is there room for me in there? The answer is always, Yes!"

Thomas Bosket, artist and collector

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