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Custom Commissions

If you are interested in having a custom piece created, I would love to learn more about what you have in mind and to discuss options for bringing your vision to life. Below are additional details about my process for specific commission types. To learn more or get started please connect with me via the Contact Page.   

Pet Commissions

I love animals and always have - they have such personality and life. The Center for Wildlife does a wonderful job conveying the personalities of their ambassadors, it makes drawing them a dream. My drawings feel as though they capture a small bit of the animals’ nature. Violet, the turkey vulture ambassador, is so full of vim and vigor in drawing form partly because the center talks about how curious she is and how patrons of the local breweries adore her because she loves interacting with them. 

If you have enjoyed my animal portraits and are interested in commissioning a pet or animal portrait, I would love to learn about your pet. Hearing about a quirk, knowing what their favorite treat is and where they like to walk will  give me a sense of how to proceed with the piece. Getting many photos of them and hearing about their special place in your family will help me to capture the essence of their personality.


Entrusting Rhonda with commissions of my two rescue mutts was a pleasure from start to finish.  I appreciated that Rhonda took the time to learn about my dogs’ unique personalities, and then was able to use those anecdotes to capture their quirks and temperaments on canvas perfectly. The ability to see preliminary drawings and provide feedback during the process made me feel comfortable and confident that the final results would be just right. I love both my dog portraits and will treasure them forever.  I smile every time I look at them


Landscape Commissions  

I have completed landscape commissions for people of vistas they love. That’s always a great experience because I learn about what people love and why; I hear their story. Sometimes it also shows me places I’ve never been and so it becomes a new adventure for me.

If you have a place you’d like me to draw or paint let me know! I am always excited to talk with people about new prospects. If you have a color scheme you want to work with or a size/shape requirement I would be happy to oblige.  

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