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What Potential!

I hope the time you spent viewing my art has reignited your innate creativity! To help propel you on your artistic journey I would encourage you to explore my book What Potential! As part of my lifelong love of art and creative expression I wrote What Potential! as a way to help others cultivate creativity. The book was created in response to all the people I ever heard say:

 “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.”

They were certainly correct that they don't have a creative bone in their body but rather all of their bones are chock full of creativity. They, like most of us, just need to be reminded how to access the creative marrow that lies within them. As children, creativity is the essence of our being but as we mature this often becomes marginalized by the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities set upon us. During this transition, fear replaces uninhibited experimentation and worry fills the mental space where fun once freely resided. 

A Simple Guide to Cultivating Creativity for Parents and Children by Rhonda Miller (nee Clark Mann)

“Rhonda’s ability to tell stories makes for a SMOOTH AND EASY DELIVERY OF IDEAS regarding creativity. I enjoy reading the stories and they make me think about things from different perspectives.”  
-Lisa Kiesman


“My daughter and I read Rhonda’s book together. We chose an activity to complete every couple of days. We had fun - WE LAUGHED A LOT while doing some of them.” 
-Mindy Coppola

“It was a pleasure to read Rhonda's book. I usually chose one story a night, as each one had so much to think about that it was LIKE SAVORING A TREAT." 
-Cindy Moloney

 What readers are saying about the book... 

What Potential! was written in the hopes of sharing how simple everyday practice can reawaken the creativity we are all born with. The book highlights aspects of our thinking that help and hinder creativity. Through 72 different activities, most of which require little more than imagination, the book seeks to clarify the importance of opening ourselves to creative endeavors and how doing so allows us to revel in our own humanity. 

If you are ready to explore your own creative bones I hope you will find What Potential! to be a useful guide along the way! For more information about the book including purchase options please click here.

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